Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Gaiam 750ml Aluminum Water Bottle (Tree of Life, Poly Loop Cap)I am fever, chills, bone tired grumpy and my husband made me tea. He put it in my aluminum water bottle.

"Dave, I can't pick this up! Thank you for the tea, but how am I supposed to drink this?"

"No, no, wait, see, look!"

And my husband lit up with delight (yes, Dave can light up with delight). He put the top on, wrapped it in blue dishtowel, then held it out saying, "See? It's a hot water bottle, too! You're sick so I made you tea and a hot water bottle!"

It was pretty damn cute.

So, no cooking for me today, though butternut squash soup accompanied by Dave's grilled cheese will unquestionably be making an appearance in our household. I shall drink my tea, whine a bit, and watch Mary Poppins with my girls. Booyah.

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