Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comfort Food aka Back to Bed

Yesterday, while walking up my stairs, carrying a sleeping Nomi, a howling Dina in her car seat, and a dangling laptop, I started to slip. I braced myself, caught us and immediately threw out my back. So, since I'm out of the kitchen and onto the floor/bed/couch, cooking will today be replaced by my personal Top 10 comfort foods and a request for yours:

1. Macaroni and Cheese. Baked, not yellow and out of the box. Roux based, with plenty nutritional yeast, cheddar and mustard powder. In other words, like my mom used to make.

2. Warm Milk with Honey and Nutmeg. Nearly as good was the Eggnog Steamer I splurged on yesterday at Starbucks. I don't know what additives it had, and I don't care. It was ridiculously delicious.

3. Chicken Soup. Otherwise known as Jewish penicillin. With or without matzo balls, with or without lochen, it is the quintessential feel good food. Bottom line: eat up and life will improve.

4. Vanilla Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles. Enough said.

Pacific Natural Foods Organic Soup, Creamy Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato, 32-Ounce Cartons (Pack of 12)5. Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese. As Dave puts it, if you need to ask how much butter to use while making your grilled cheese, you're not serious enough about grilled cheese. Our current favorite dipping soup is the Pacific Brand Tomato with Roasted Red Pepper.

6. Chinese Take Out. Specifically Wonton Soup and Dumplings. Or steamed buns, if you're feeling fancy, and have access to Emperor's.

7. Vegetarian Chili and Vegetarian Lasagna. Once again, traditional foods out of my mother's kitchen. Tomatoes, plus cheese, plus warm. I am sensing a theme here.

8. Clementines. This time of year, I eat about 5 a day without needing the extra dose of vitamin C. Will Vitamin C make my back feel better, too?

9. Pudding. I am a sucker for texture in food. In my brain, the most perfect combination of flavor and texture when feeling in need of a omnivorous pick me up is Tapioca Pudding, homemade from Gershon's, or Grape-Nut pudding, homemade from the Western Diner.I shall now proceed to swoon at the mere thought.

Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea, Peppermint, 40-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)10. Peppermint tea, with too much honey. Or with sugar cubes, with the tea slowly sipped through, as they melt one by one in your mouth. One of the many family traditions carried over on my grandparent's pit stop in England during the war.

Alright. Your turn. Give. What is you favorite 'feeling miserable on a cold day' food?

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  1. Homemade chocolate chip cookies, warm from the oven...any time of year.