Friday, November 12, 2010

Too Tired To Cook

Dina's birthday party is tomorrow. I have acorn squash times 2, a large winter squash, tons of potatoes, some onions, a mountain of garlic, radishes, beets, purple cabbage and enough butter in the freezer to make a cake. And zero energy to go grocery shopping for ingredients to make a proper anything.

She is a second kid. And she deserves a glorious first birthday party, with many pictures taken, or my name is mud with my sister in law (the second kid defender :). I've gotta figure this out.

We may end up with soup if I wake up between now and tomorrow, and we could do a slaw of carrots and purple cabbage. Heck, we could toss some beets in there, too, if we were feeling fancy. Potatoes could become scalloped potatoes. But do all of those starches a meal make? We are still in desperate need of protein.

Silken tofu in the soup. I also have beans and a recipe for a vegetarian cassoulet somewhere (travesty, I know).

Alright, I know this is usually my job, telling you how to pull of yummy food in the middle of  life. But, here's the question, dear reader: how do I pull together a meal for 20 ish adults with zero energy, working tonight and tomorrow morning, the ingredients above plus the usual pantry staples?

Seriously: it may just be time to order pizza and stop by BJ's for a cake. Name your favorite Schenectady Pizza Place. And never travel back and forth to Boston in 24 hrs with auditions and interviews in the middle and expect to be upright the next day.

Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood nosher


  1. My youngest had her first birthday party the weekend of our best friends' wedding, in which 3/4 of us were attendants. I ended up having it at my parents' house (so I didn't have to clean) and ordering pizza (so I didn't have to cook.) I did make a cake, but it was a bundt cake with a drizzled glaze and no frosting.

    Then there was when #1 turned five, which I think is a big deal, and we had the ice storm and no power for four whole days right before her party. Guess what? PIZZA! And that time, I did something I've never done before or since, which is a boxed cake mix and frosting from a can. In retrospect, I should have gotten a cake from the grocery store bakery- same unpronounceable ingredients, but way less labor.

    Hang in there. Order pizza. Happy birthday to Dina!

  2. For Madeline's birthday we got a meat platter, veggie platter, and ordered the cake. Paper plates and plastic utensils. Easy prep + easy clean up = mommy gets to enjoy the party too.

  3. Glorious by your definition or hers? You're having a party, people will be there just to see her, there will be presents, and cake. Dina will think the day is glorious regardless of the menu selection. Have a fun day with your babies and the people you love :-)

  4. We went with Pizza, bag o salad and plentiful desserts. A wonderful time was had by all, including Dina who held her own beautifully, and covered herself thoroughly with frosting from an AMAZING cake from BJs.

    There is wise mama logic and then there is self induced mama guilt. I need to remind myself to let the wise mama win out, so that I can enjoy, too. Thanks for the cyber hugs :)

  5. Sounds like a great resolution. I had a similar experience this past Thursday night while cooking for Shabbat (though no kids to blame part of tiredness on)- I had wanted to try your roasted winter squash soup but couldn't muster the energy to peel, chop and roast the vegetables. So I threw the squash and garlic into the oven whole and dealt with them the next day. It came out delish and I'm going to share the recipe on my blog this week so come on over and check out what you inspired me to do!

    Might you have a future in Boston? That would be fun. I finally have a Jewish Ed job that I am so thrilled to start in two weeks.

  6. I am so glad you finally found that job, doing what you love to do :)

    I'm looking at the CEP (Cantor Educator Program) at HC, but would be beginning with a MJed online from home. We'll see if where we go from there.

    I love your twist of roasting the veg whole the night before, so that they can be turned into deliciousness in short order the following day. Would you be willing to give Noshing Confessions a shout out in the post?