Friday, October 8, 2010

Give My Regards to CSA, Remember me to Herald's Square

Where O Where has the Nosher gone? Well, fair reader, let's just say we're returning to the Low Residue Days of Old. Except, we're not even there yet. We're on full liquid at the moment. I shall be in attendance at this week's pot luck, but shall be bringing soup, so I can have something to eat. I shall be travelling and serving as bridesmaid in one of my oldest friend's wedding this weekend (since kindergarten, no lie), but shall be bringing my own Ensure with me.

I know this is a food blog, and I know you're here to read about the food, but just thought I'd give you a heads up. Life just got more interesting than usual, therefore interesting food writing may ensue. However, I shall do my utmost best to avoid any serious navel gazing or self indulgence. I'd rather bake a cake.

Speaking of baking cakes, we're in charge of snack for next week's parent helping day at Nomi's school. What's your vote for a food that will make me the coolest mom on the planet, while still fulfilling all health code requirements? I was thinking about homemade pretzels and apple slices, or zucchini bread muffins. Anyways, bring on the suggestions.



  1. Noodle kugel? What kid doesn't like pasta? What kid doesn't like things that are sweet? Sweet pasta freakin' rules.

    I make this crazy sauce for it by simply blending fresh raspberries with sour cream. The color is mind blowing, and provides a nice contrast for the sweet and beige that is the kugel.

    Out of season, but clear popsicles, made from white grape juice, with fruit frozen inside?

    Or crazy fruit, like starfruit ($.99 at The Fresh Market) sliced thin and put in jell-o (or make your own juice based gelatin).

    Kids also love pizza. Pizza pitas (on whole wheat) could be a big hit.

    Sorry to hear you are not well. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  2. For the record, we brought homemade apple sauce, store bought pretzels with milk to drink. Someday I will have enough energy and wherewithal to make my own bagels or pretzels. Today was not that day.

    Next time round, I will make something truly terrifying. Like latkes or blitzes. I think I need the recipe for this raspberry noodle kugel, though. It sounds perfect for Shavout, though I always end up with blintz soufflé, and who wants to mess with that?