Friday, August 13, 2010

Times Have Changed

Carina ran in the room and said, fists clenched in excitement, "I think she's pooping!!"

Suffice it to say, our priorities have changed slightly over the 11 years that we've been friends.

Food has involved a trip to the track and a trip up to Schroon Lake these past few days. I still make everyone scrambled eggs for breakfast, much as I used to on the mornings after during our college days. I continue to serve them to whining, grumpy people who didn't get enough sleep the night before and who simply don't appreciate the wonder that is fresh chives and cheese. The current crowd is both younger and older, though generally less hungover.

The trip up to the track yesterday involved a pit stop at the famed and newly installed Shake Shack. Maybe I had it too hyped in my head, but I was severely underwhelmed. My husband makes a damn good burger, and while this was decent, I was not blown away. Toppings were fresh, bun was nice, the burger was fine. I just had come expecting to be blown away and I wasn't.

The burger cost $6. Nomi's hot dog cost $5, sans toppings, and the child didn't even eat the bun. Be it track pricing or NYC pricing, both of these items cost more than I wanted to pay for the quality and quantity of food I ended up with. Post hamburger, I was still hungry.

Disclaimer for this next paragraph: I'm nursing and Dina's growth spurting. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. We'll argue calorie counts later.

Our friend, Lauren (whose beautiful shots you're admiring), had purchased a fried chicken sandwich with coleslaw and remoulade from Hattie's track outpost. I had a bite- it was crunchy, creamy, perfectly balanced. I went and grabbed a sandwich for Dave and I to split, and two slices of non-fried, fresh watermelon for the munchkins. Heavenly.

The sandwich was $8. It was 8 inches in diameter, and about 2 inches high. The slices of watermelon were of a generous size, and at a buck a piece, brought our Hattie's total to $10. I skipped the bottles of water that they were selling at $3.50 a piece.

I don't mind spending the money if the food is good. I resent spending money and getting less than what I paid for. Hence, my reluctance to eat McDonald's or canned vegetables. Am I a food snob? Absolutely. Am I putting my money where my mouth is? Quite.

Today was a trip to Schroon Lake, where my parents have rented a place for the week. We went up during morning nap, and headed back down at bedtime. Lunch was tuna melts with fresh parsley and tomatoes, served with grapes, plums, peaches, fresh mozzarella and carrot sticks. Snack was Sabra Humus, Oscar's Smoke House Cheddar and Horseradish Spread, Wheat Thins, pretzels and Triscuts. Dinner was grilled steak, hot dogs, caramelized onions with mushroom, peppers and parsley, baked potatoes, sweet potato and a garden salad chock full of vegetables.

Dessert was Wilcox Black Raspberry Ice Cream and I envy anyone who has access to it on a regular basis. Seriously, Ben and Jerry's has NOTHING on this true Vermont ice cream.

So, why no pictures of the food, you might ask?

It's just not what was important today.

Leah's Scrambled Eggs

6 eggs
Splash of milk
1 T butter
2 T fresh chives
1 handful grated cheese

1. Heat your frying pan over medium high heat. Beat together eggs, milk and chives.

2. Add butter to hot pan. Allow foam to subside, tilting pan so the butter coats.

3. Add salt to eggs. Pour eggs in pan. Turn down heat to mid low.

4. Allow eggs to sit and move, sit and move. This allows clumps to form. Each time you move the eggs, tilt the pan again to allow the uncooked eggs to fill in the cracks. Side Note: I use a rubber spatula or bamboo spatula to move the eggs. Offset spatulas are more tricky to work with in this case - I don't use them for scrambled eggs.

5. When almost all of the liquid has cooked, but eggs are still moist and somewhat runny, add a handful of your cheese of choice. Today, I used mozzarella and parmesan blend, as it's what I had on hand. Swiss it particularly good with chive.

6. I like well done scrambled eggs, but I know some folks feel about that the way they do about a well done steak, aka sacrilege. To each his/her own. When eggs are done to your satisfaction, remove them from their pan. Serve immediately. Share and Enjoy.

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  1. Beautiful pics. Mouth-watering menus... Man, I'm in the wrong state! ;)

    Sounds like you all had an awesome time with friends and food.