Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chinese Take Out, Brought to you by Nomi

I set out to make dinner last night. I swear.

And then life slightly got in the way. So, we ordered take out. Nothing supper fancy. Just Chinese take out from our usual place, Hunan Wok. Their veggies are consistently fresh and not over cooked, as are their proteins. Their flavors are decent, if decidedly American. They aren't Emperor's or Ala Shanghai. They do, however, deliver.

So, on a night when life and limb were not cooperating, they did the trick in an utterly satisfying and delicious way. We ordered Spring Rolls, Dry Sautéed Green Beans, the Tofu Wok Special, and Singapore Chow Mei Fun. After Nomi had consumed her tofu, refused her green beans, declared her noodles 'too spicy' and eaten some of her spring roll, she requested if she could, "take pictures of what we are eating."

I thought about it, and decided it would be a great way to keep her busy, allowing the adults to eat the remainder their dinners while attempting to keep all Dinas content.

I therefore bring you a meal that I didn't cook interlaced with pictures I didn't take (though I did edit them, thank you very much).

I hereby acknowledge that this is an utterly self indulgent post. Huzzah. But, truly, what good is having a blog when you're a mom, if you don't occasionally get to say, "Seriously, how cute is my kid?"



  1. "Seriously she is one of the cutest!!"

  2. Thank you! I'm having fun whenever I can, and that seems to be the key to blogging, cooking, life, etc :)