Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Neon Pink Buttercream, licked off of beaters at midnight, after a long evening of baking.

Take out Dim Sum from Emperor's Palace, eaten by myself in the car on the way to pick up the girls.

That March-April meal of red jello with canned whipped cream. Not cherry nor strawberry - RED.

French's French Fried Onions, Original, 2.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)French's Fried Onions, straight from the can. If you are feeling fancy, follow the recipe on the back of the package for Oven Baked Fried Chicken - chicken breast pounded flat, egg washed, then rolled in the crunched onions.

Cold take out Chinese dumplings the morning after from the fridge, for a mid morning snack

Peanut Butter melting over a toasted Cinnamon Raisin Bagel, picked up in the morning on the way to picking up the children from their grandparents. A last taste of pre-children married life, before we return to parenthood.

Weisswurst with Saurkraut and Baked Apples, made in the winter, on disposable/traif plates.

A mug of ice cream, half Edy's Slow Churn, half Stewarts Whipped Cream, eaten while the house is quiet, both children asleep. An oasis of ice cold 'just for me' moment, before the small one awakes, the laundry must be done, the dishes put away, and all that garbage taken out to the curb.

Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts Mixed Berries - 1.0 oz. (8 Pack)Gerber's Graduates Yogurt Melts, for those times when you brought snacks for your kids but not for yourself.

7 layer bean dip. Cream cheese spread over the bottom of a microwave safe dish, then salsa, cheese, refried beans and whatever else you care to add, until it adds up to 7 layers. Served as a mid morning breakfast of champions to playgroup mamas to munch on while drinking their coffee.

Chocolate covered pretzels munched while driving, a gift from student that never make it all the way home from school.

A cake made just for the heck of it, for Fourth of July, sure to heat up the house, sure to taste delicious. Post to follow.

How about you? Where, when, what, why do you take your food related guilty pleasures?

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