Monday, June 28, 2010

Zucchini, Radishes and Lettuce

I sliced the challah rolls from Friday in half, and spread them with Laughing Cow. I sliced the zucchini lengthwise and grilled it on both sides. I sliced the tofu, and did the same. My friend made the salad with the lettuce and the radishes, using the ever ready salad spinner.

The tofu was given a creamy texture when combined with the cheese. The balsamic vinegar I drizzled over the top of the sandwich was soaked up by the bread, and melded with flavors of the still warm zucchini. I should have sliced the rolls thinner, to reduce the bread to filling ratio on the sandwich, but the novelty of eating a sandwich on homemade bread outweighed that. We served the simple, fresh salad with Newman's Own Light Italian and the children cooperated reasonably well.
What made this simple meal wonderful? The company. Food becomes more than food, nourishing body, heart and soul, when it is shared with good friends. We too often forget this in our craze to eat no carb, low carb, organic, raw, local, imported, fat free, HFC free, best meal ever food. Food isn't better only because we use good ingredients. Food simply tastes better when shared.

Given, sharing food has its pitfalls. As anyone who's split a dessert with me knows, I will fight you for that last bite of cake. But, I will enjoy it all the more for the conversation that accompanied it. That weak cup of coffee will become a laugh after a lovely meal, as we contemplate together how a restaurant that serves such exquisite, perfectly balanced food can make such crap coffee (Chez Mike and Aperitivo, I'm talking to you).

So, here's to you. Thanks for sharing the meal with me.

Quick Tofu and Veg Sandwiches

Bread of choice (both sourdough, hearty Italian and challah work well, but they need to stand up to the moisture through toasting or thick slices)
Cheese of choice (we've used provolone or blue cheese with great success in the past)
1 block firm tofu, sliced into 1/2 inch blocks (if this is a non-quick sandwich, marinate the tofu and veg in a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pesto)
1 zucchini, sliced thinly, lengthwise
1 summer squash, sliced thinly, lengthwise
Olive oil

Other good veg for this sandwich include red peppers, onions, portabello mushrooms and eggplant.

1. Slice bread. If using spreadable cheese, spread cheese on bread.

2. Heat skillet over medium high heat. Add olive oil and heat until it shimmers. Cook the tofu and zucchini in batches, 2-3 minutes a side, until the zucchini have taken on some color and the tofu is golden brown.

3. Assemble. Serve. Share and Enjoy.

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