Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 1

So, this is our weekly haul: Romain Lettuce, Mesculin Mix, Cilantro, Napa Cabbage (aka Chinese Cabbage), Radishes, Garlic Scapes, Scallions, Strawberries. Justine Denison of Denison Farms apologized for the bare pickings. We also received our weekly egg share, along with a small note saying that the eggs would get larger as the weeks went on.

Are they kidding me?!? Do they understand how amazing it is, what a breath of fresh spring air it is to bite into a local strawberry sliced over freshly picked mesculin drizzled with balsamic reduction? What it feels like to see that rich yellow yolk of a farm fresh egg? Don't they realize we've been dreaming all winter of the goodness that is these simple vegetables?

This morning's breakfast, my first meal of the season, did not disappoint. It used an ingredient our weekly box is sure to include this time of year: garlic scapes. What is a garlic scape, you might ask? The garlic bulb, like other alliums (onions, leeks, chives), grows underground. Scapes are the part of the garlic that grows above ground, much like the tops of scallions or chives. In fact, the relative flavor of a garlic scape to a garlic clove is very similar of that of chives to a small, yellow onion. The flavor of a scape is brighter and more mellow than that of a clove of garlic. It tastes greener.

A common application would be substitute it for garlic in pesto, or to include it in an herb bread. Today, I sliced it thinly and sautéed it into my eggs.

Ah, these eggs. I cannot wait to see what effect farm fresh eggs have on my baking. I use them for savory bread puddings with fresh corn, quiches, frittatas and puddings. Last summer, I was not yet baking. This summer, they will go into my challah. Today's eggs presented a double yolk, which I feel was as good an omen as any with which to start off the season.

Garlic Scape and Swiss Cheese Omelet, served with Strawberries and Mastroiani Bread

2 eggs (if you are blessed with a third yolk, enjoy it)
1-2 T butter, frozen (C'mon, treat yourself. It's better for you than margarine - for your soul, if not your waistline)
1/2 garlic scape, slice thin
2 ounces Swiss Cheese, cubed or shredded

1. Heat your skillet on medium high heat. Place 1/2 T of butter in the pan, along with the garlic scapes. Allow to sauté until foaming has subsided and scapes begin to lightly brown.

2. Meanwhile, whisk eggs. Chop cheese. Cube remaining butter. Take out plate for serving, chopsticks, a lid big enough to cover your pan and a rubber spatula. Trust me - or Julia Child, anyway. It's her technique that we are about to attempt.

3. Turn off the heat on your pan. Pour in your eggs. Scatter the butter over the top. Whirl it with the chopsticks in small circles, until it begins to set up. Scatter the cheese over the top. Cover the pan for 1 minute. Uncover, and using the rubber spatula, fold it over onto itself as you slide it out onto the plate. Serve immediately. Share and enjoy.

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  1. We missed out on the egg shares, unfortunately! I used to our scapes to make a pesto. It was divine.