Saturday, June 5, 2010

Leftovers in Rubbermaid Night aka An Ode to Radishes

Really, they are such a cheerful food, turning leftovers into gourmet fare,
As they brighten up any dish with bold color and sharp flavor.
David tells Naomi that, "They are fraggle food, " and she replies, "What is a fraggle?"
Indeed, we pass our palates on to our children, even if they won't always
Steal bites from our plates. If nothing else, I hope that we are
Helping her to try something new. After all, how often do you get to
Sweet, sharp, crunchy, red food?

Leftover Rice and Radish Salad
1. Thinly slice radish.

2. Remove soy sauce and cold fried rice from fridge.

3. Combine in fried rice storage container. Serve immediately to self, while sitting on floor with happily playing 6 month old, while husband is working and 3 year old is asleep upstairs.

Other uses for radishes: serve them as the English do, as an appetizer sprinkled with sea salt and cold butter; include in your tuna salad; include with your lettuce in any sandwich; slice into a green/macaroni/egg salad; serve as their own sandwich for afternoon tea with butter and cucumbers; make a radish slaw to serve as a side dish for grilled fish. Share and enjoy!

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