Thursday, June 3, 2010

Community Supported Agriculture

Our CSA began this week. For those unfamiliar, during a CSA program, members of a community buy a share of a local farm's yearly harvest. We pay a certain amount of money in advance and receive a box of the farm's harvest every week. We buy in for the good and the bad - last year's tomato blight hit our farm hard, and this year's swings between boiling and freezing are making life interesting. Regardless, we are supporting a local family owned farm and eating Certified Naturally Grown food at a fraction of the price it would cost us in a store.

Our share is through Denison Farm. Last year, we received beautiful boxes of vegetables each week, along with Free Range Organic Eggs, also from a local farm. This year we will be receiving the fruit share as well. Through our C.S.A., we had to figure out recipes for vegetables that we had never cooked with before or that we would simply never think to buy for ourselves. I now know how to cook with fennel, edamame, celeriac and beet greens. I'm still on the look out for swiss chard recipes that David will eat without making a face. Know any?

At anyrate, every Wednesday I will be picking up a box. Throughout the week, I will let you know how I've planning to cook it and what I have ended up cooking with it. At times I imagine I shall throw up my hands and order pizza, but I am feeling hopeful at the moment. I may not yet be a seasoned hand, but I do have a handy dandy deep freeze ready, and a husband who makes excellent minestrone for any wayward veggies we have remaining at the end of the week. Now - to go forth and 'Share and Enjoy'!

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  1. I am going to be stalking your blog everyday as I try to figure out what to do with my haul!