Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts

Challah back! Infant CreeperWe made challah today with the little girls next door. It is my contribution to Mother's Day. Baking bread makes my hands and heart happy, and folks seem to enjoy it. Moreover, in this case, the kidlets super enjoyed it. I use my neighbor's oven for half the batch and taught her how to make challah/gave her my recipe/kept her girls busy in return. When we remodel our kitchen/win the lottery, I will have two GE Profile gas ovens, or a professional range with enough space for two cookie trays side by side with even heating. In the meantime I have a great excuse to keep good company and Nomi busy.

The challah turned out well and was well received by all. Our little neighbor, Stella, kept running back and forth between the two houses and declaring, "It smells so GOOD!" I had gabbing time with my neighbor, and life was all in all delicious. Not a bad Mother's Day Present.

David has his colonoscopy on Monday. He has to do the prep for it ON Mother's Day. God willing, all will be well.

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