Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kashrut and the Non-Jewish Inlaws

My in-laws are amazing. I love them dearly and over the years we have reached an understanding that has been greatly helped by me growing up and not spouting off my opinion in public every five minutes. I'm now down to at least half hour intervals.

That being said, figuring out the laws of kashrut are not their strong suit. They try very hard. Luckily, my main observance is not mixing meat and milk, along with avoiding pork. Dave doesn't keep kosher out of the house, but he makes sure Nomi does.

Our first co-family dinner, the holiday season after David and I became engaged, my father in law wanted to make Chicken Parmesan. He checked in with me as to how to make it for me and my mom (hold the parm), and for my sister (a vegetarian side of baked ziti). He went to the herculean effort that is making Chicken Parm. And here is the conversation that ensued:

My Mom: "Tom, the chicken is so tender! How do you do it?"
My father in law: "Oh, it's not so hard. First, you pound out the chicken. Then, you put it in the milk bath and..."

He continued on. And we kept eating. If he ever reads this post, it will be the first he learns of it. He has such a kind soul and he was trying so hard to get it right.

For Mother's Day, he made us Chicken Parm and a Cheesecake with Key Lime Mousse. He made Nomi and I a separate pan, without the cheese on top. David gave Nomi water to drink with hers, and she munched away happily on cucumbers. Afterwards, she helped to put the graham cracker layer on top of the cheesecake. She felt proud, happy and loved. So did I :)

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