Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Osem Pesachtik Cake vs. Freihofer's Chocolate Chip Cookies

No Contest. None. 
Osem Pound Cake, 8.8-Ounce Packages (Kosher for Passover)(Pack of 9)

For the record: putting non-pesachtik ice cream on top of pre-packaged pesachtik cake does NOT make it palatable. You'll take a bite of perfectly good ice cream and find yourself gnawing through the cardboard that is Osem cake. I am thoroughly underwhelmed and disappointed. It was a  perfectly good 'both kids a-bed and husband at work' dessert ruined by pesachtik cake. I should have known better.

Now, the ice cream on the other hand was Stewart's ice cream, Black Cherry to be precise. For those not in the know, or not in the proximity of Upstate New York (yes, there is life above Westchester), Stewart's are convenience stores that sell your expected corner shop fare. But truly, they are so much more than that. While you can get your windshield fluid, lottery tickets, potato chips, coffee and slim jims, you can also buy milk and some of the best ice cream this side of Vermont. The Stewart's chain has it's own dairy producers, and they carry the best tasting milk in the area - their skim tastes like everybody else's 2%, and their ice cream is to die for (what's your favorite flavor?). They also carry store brand soda, juices and baked goods. Most importantly, they are the prime location to pick up that Upstate New York Specialty - the Freihofer Chocolate Chip Cookie.

When I attended Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY, there were kids from all across the country - Las Vegas, San Fran, Chicago, New Jersey, a huge contingent from Atlanta, Maine, Houston, etc. One of my fellow Upstaters received a package from home that contained Freihofer's. We went nuts, and the rest of our fellow campers couldn't figure out what the big deal was. Now, true, these cookies don't look like anything special. They appear to be small, round and boring specimens of dessert. However, they are melt in your mouth goodness. If you do not have access to them, I encourage you to make friends with someone in Upstate and have them mail you a case - not a box, A CASE. Crumble them over ice cream, dip and dissolve them in milk, or simply kick back and munch them straight from the box, ideally while watching Antiques Roadshow on a rainy afternoon, snuggled under an afghan with a friend, cat or toddler. Share and enjoy.

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  1. I grew up on Stewart's Ice Cream. In fact, I didn't even KNOW other ice cream existed until I was about 10 or 12 (no joke). It is the best, hands down!