Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Course

Confession: I eat Wendy's take out in my car.

I always order the same thing: a single, no cheese, medium combo with Sprite. I eat the fries on the way to where I'm going next, digging to the bottom of the bag to get the ones that fell out. I lick the salt off my fingers when I'm done. I hate the way Sprite tastes with salt, but I take sips in between none the less, all while listening to Robert Segal on NPR's All Things Considered talk about the government's latest campaign to combat childhood obesity in our society.

When I arrive at my destination, I stay in my car a little while longer and eat the burger. My children are either not in the car or soundly asleep in the back. I take 5 minutes of quiet and eat the salty sweet tomato, crunchy lettuce, crisp onion and grease encrusted, going to give me a heart attack before forty, glob on the mayo and ketchup, all-American fast food burger on a perfectly steamed previously frozen bun.


Healthy, it's not. Organic, it's not. Kosher, definitely not - though I hope you will note the lack of cheese on the burger. But here's the thing - that two moments in the car keeps me sane. That food, that time out when I'm not a mother or a wife or responsible for getting anything on the table, on the child, in or out the door, keeps me sane for all the other moments when I need to.

This blog is going to be about the food that keeps us whole, the way it plays in our lives, the moments we steal to make us better mothers. I'm not saying that eating Wendy's makes me a good mother, but I don't think it makes me a bad one either. Hell, I once bought my daughter N a Word Girl Happy Meal from Wendy's, and that one little toy has gotten me through many a doctor's appointment, phone conference and trip to the grocery store.

I'm a SAHM who works part time as a cantorial soloist and Jewish educator. I make challah, do laundry and change diapers. I participate in a Certified Naturally Grown CSA  and keep a kosher/kosher style household with three sets of dishes - milk, meat and traife. And I get take out from Wendy's. This blog is a snap shot of how I feed my family and why I make the choices I do.

So. Let's start cooking.

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  1. I originally read this during pesach and cursed you for making me yearn for the wendy's burger. Can I just tell you that it stayed with me, and for lunch today I had the wendy's burger and thought of you.